President’s Message

Y H Patel

Yogeshbhai H Patel

Education for the girls is the need of the day. The main objective of the education are to strengthen the mind, develop & expand the intellect and not just getting degree by being successful in the examination. To achieve these goal better quality of education, high standard of teaching, best possible faculties and more practical approach toward to studies are required.

There was a great demand from the parents of girls students of school and people of the locality to start a degree college exclusively for girls. Shri Nagpur Gujarati Mandal is also aware that education for the girls is the need of the day for their employment and all-round development to build good society and strong nation and hence it was decided to start Womens College. Accordingly Mandal stared this college from the session 2013-14 with all amenities and security for girls. Presently we are having Commerce faculty with I.T subject and within short time new Job Oriented Courses meant for Girls will be established. We have well trained staff for academic growth and plenty of extra-curricular activities for overall development of Girls. The Mandal is looking forward to make this college a very well equipped education centre of high standard exclusively for girls.